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The Beale™ pull-down kitchen faucet from American Standard is innovation at its finest. A sleek, contemporary design sits on the forefront of technology, with our Selectronic touchless faucet system. A wave of your hand turns the Beale™ faucet on and off, with a sliding sensor door to select manual mode, when needed.

Design Lead - Greg Reinecker

Key Consumer Insight:

Most people are aware of the benefits of electronic faucets with touch or sensor activation.  Based upon our qualitative research, we learned that many of our target consumers feared the technology unknowns of an electronic faucet.  What if the cat racks up my water bill because it is playing with the faucet all day?  What if my mother cones to visit and can't figure out how the faucet works? 

Design Solution:

With our key insight in mind, we developed a faucet that tackled those consumer fears in a way that would ease their mind during the purchase process but still give them a quality experience.  For touchless activation we developed a front facing sensor on the top of the spout.  The sensor includes a sliding door, that when shut deactivates the sensor, allowing the faucet to only be controlled by the handle.

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